Testing is the process to find out some error. Network Testing means test your network, whether it is working properly. There are many network testing softwares available that will help you find out the errors on your network. Network testing plays a crucial role to protect your computer from unauthorized access.

Before testing, the question arises how secure is your network, because the number of hacking accidents is increasing every years. The companies are aware that network security testing is a major element in identifying exposures, and ensuring the network is working properly.

Network Security is obviously a very serious area for an organization. Keep testing regularly your network. This will keep your network safe and secure from the many virus and unauthorized attacks. If a single computer is infected with virus, then all other computers on that network will be infected.

There are some tips that will help you protect your computers on networks as Use Anti Virus Software and update them regularly, don�’t open unknown email attachments, use Firewall program, authenticate users, implement Security Policy in your network, scan TCP/UDP services, perform the network security testing, and find the holes and fix them, put your server at very safe place, hire a Network Administrator, etc. Many colleges and institutions are offering courses for network testing. As we know, network testing is a serious case. So, the person who is responsible for network testing must be well qualified. A single mistake may be dangerous for whole computer systems on the network. The main purpose of network testing is to ensure the computer systems, on the network, are working properly.


There are many network threats that can damage your computer badly or your network. There are some attacks that can harm your computers on the network. Some major attacks come from Trojan horse, viruses, hacking, etc. To guard against these attacks, you need to test your networks regularly. So, network testing is related with Syware and virus removal software.

For Network testing, there are many type of Network Security Software available. Network testing is the method of finding viruses on the computer system that are entered via unknown email attachments and internet surfing, etc. Network testing is the job of network administrator or network engineer that protects your computer from viruses.

So, the main purpose of Network Testing is to keep your network safe and secure. But, keep in mind that one of the most important features of your testing tools should have be the ease of use. You must invest time, and carefully select a good Network Testing tool that will be used to manage your network.

By Haadi