Blogging,Turn your Blogging into a Home Based Business Articles as well as a small home based business are a great fun to experience. Turning your blogging practice into a small home based business can provide you a chance to become a boss. Furthermore, it can provide you with any amount of money. The actual amount of money depends on your struggle, determination, provided time and other similar factors. First of all, you should understand that blogging is not restricted to making posts of typical types. You can turn your blog into a true website that has almost every feature of a website. Sometimes, blogs are so featured and utilizable that you won’t be able to distinguish between a professional website and a blog.
If you are blogging since a year or more, you should learn the hidden secret of monetizing your blog. And, the readiness of receiving affiliate program checks and PayPal receipts depends upon your existing blog readers and your SEO (search engine optimization) approach. If you really have traffic of thousands of visitors per day, then you already have lost several thousand dollars due to not monetizing your blog earlier. The two core things required for your blog to become a home based business is ‘affiliate program’ or ‘other revenue generating tools’ and ‘quality traffic’. Let’s have a brief discussion of these two factors.
Quality traffic is the first and most important need of your blog – even if you don’t want to make money. Obviously you have started a blog so that you can share your creativity, knowledge, ideas, experiences, and stories with others. And, if you don’t have regular readers of your blog, it is useless to have a blog. Therefore, just regularly updating your blog is not enough. You will also need to drive traffic to it through various means. Now, this starts with a completely new topic of ‘generating traffic for your blog’. But, since this article is related to converting your blog into a home based business, we will not discuss this thing over here.
You should understand the importance of regularly updating your blog. If just make a post and leave your blog for several weeks and install it up with affiliate program and PPC networks, and then wait for money; it’s impossible to receive even a single penny. The first thing required for a successful blogger and for a successful blogging is the ‘regular updates’. Now, the frequency of updating varies depending on the niche of your blog. If it is a news blog, you will need to update it at least 50 times a day, so that you can keep your reader attracted and up-to-date. Similarly, it is related to some finance, you should update it twice a day. There’s no hard and fast rule that determines the frequency of posting on your blog.

Once you ensure, quality, regular, and solid traffic to your blog, you should begin the process of monetizing your blog. There are thousands of ways you can monetize your blog. From affiliate programs to PPC (pay per click) advertisements, there exist thousands of options to go with. You can simply select any one or more option according to its rules and regulations. Say, for example, you are monetizing your blog with affiliate program. Now, there are thousands of affiliate networks like, and so on. They offer a wide variety of products to promote. You should find those products which resemble the niche of your blog. Usually, a HTML code is provided after you selected the product. This HTML code is needed to be pasted at the place of promotion. You can simply paste this link to forums and other blogs as well. Different blogging services have different ways of adding HTML codes to the blog posts.
If the location and alignment of your affiliate advertisement is perfect, and you truly receive thousands of readers a day, you are already making thousands of dollars per month. That’s true! You can see a remarkable growth in your income with the quality of your traffic. So, keep on increasing the quality traffic of your website and keep on adding useful affiliates to your blog, and get your home based business make thousands of dollars for you.

By Haadi