Review your options

The options that I am referring to are the stores where you want to buy your furniture. It can be your local shop or online stores. If you are to ask my opinion, I would suggest you go to online furniture stores, as they offer more selections without tiring you.

Here are the slip-ups you should not commit when shopping.

The top 10 furniture buying blunders

1. Failure to get the furniture’s dimension

A good number of furniture never made it to their intended place because they cannot pass through the pathway, or they do not fit inside the room. Consider the dimension of the path to which the new furniture will pass. Measure the room, doors, stairs, and hallways.

2. Disregarding proportion

The looks and dimension of a sofa when showcased in the store is quite deceiving. To achieve a balanced proportion, get the dimension of your existing furniture and match them with the dimension of the furniture you are planning to buy. Proper scaling is ensured in this manner.

3. Overlooking color combination

A color that looks good in a showroom might not look well in your home. Ask for a color swatch from the furniture store before selecting a furniture color and see if it blends well in your home. Likewise, the color of the furniture for sale on the Internet may not be the same when you actually see it as monitors have different resolutions.

4. Going along with latest furniture craze

It is wise to purchase furniture that you will be at ease with for a long time. Current furniture craze may only last for a few months, so choose a piece of furniture that really serve your purpose.

5. Failure to consider the furniture users

Take into account the people who will use the furniture. A pristine white-colored sofa will look like old and muddy furniture at the hands of grimy kids, or an elegant coffee table will lose its beauty when people put their feet on its top.

By Haadi