The global economy growth and communication has been playing an important role in the field of export and import business across the world. In the advent of the internet during past two decades many new entrants have been capable of handing their own cargo services in Mumbai. The export and import business have been redoubled during past couple of years by leaps and bounds. India is such a country that has been receiving a lot of inward remittance in the field of export business from almost every corner of the world. There has been a spectacular growth in the export business since the government has taken serious decisions to augment the country’s export business to a great extent.

The port and shipping companies in Mumbai plays a pivotal role in the field of Indian economy. It has brought spectacular growth in the field Indian trade and commerce during recent years. India is the seventh biggest country in the world and it shares one of the longest coastlines of the world facilitating international business,The Role Of Export Business In Generating Cargo Services In India Articles job opportunities an export business. There are thirteen government ports available in India and working both east and west coastlines. Due to the growth in the field of international business and growth of India the state government has taken robust decision to develop infrastructure.

What are the export products?

There are many products are being exported from our country. At the same time India also imports quite a lot of products from all over the world.

Indian agricultural and food industry

India has been playing a vital role in the field of global agricultural and food industry due to multifarious climatic situation in the country. There are versatile ranges of agricultural and food products being produced and exported throughout the world. The Indian people have different food and culture in different states. During recent years the Indian people have been able to migrate to different countries of the world facilitating huge export business in the segment of agriculture and food.

The Indian food products like spices, mangos, curries, and snacks are being sold like hot cake due to its quality and taste. Our country is one of the major milk producers in the world as it has got largest buffalo population. India possesses more than 56% of the global buffalo population. India is also the second biggest country in producing fish. We are the largest mango producer in the world. India exports the maximum percentage of the mangos to the world.

Apparel industry In India

India has been seeing potential growth in the apparels and fashion technology due to the huge population and growth in economy. These days, India has been highly successful in manufacturing various silk, cotton and denim and these products are being exported to the international market. These apparels from the major cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai has seen spectacular development in the country. Many cargo handling services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai has a great role in the country’s economy growth.

Gems and Jewellery Industry

The diamond, gold and silver and multiple ranges of gemstones plays an important role in the field of country’s growth. The diamond business in the city of Surat of Gujarat has been the centre of attention of the world. It has been experiencing huge economy growth and job creation in field of gems and jewellery industry in India. These days, the people are quite capable of buying gems and jewellery due to the global growth. Our country has been generous to provide modern touch with traditional ornaments. The export business pertaining to gems and jewelleries has seen potential growth during recent years.

Leather Industry in India

Leather is one of most usable products across the world. There is no such person in the world that has not been using leather products in the form of belt, bag and shoes etc. Due to the modern touch of fashion technology the leather industry has been experiencing potential growth in the country. Mumbai, the financial capital of India is considered to be the most fashionable city due to presence of the Bollywood and fashion technology. Many shipping companies in Mumbai has a significant role in the growth of leather industry in India. The council for Leather Industry is an autonomous body in India that oversees the export activities within India.

By Haadi