Joanna was a great employee. She cared about her work. She worked hard. And she really wanted to succeed. But after a couple years of hard work and long hours,Seven Reasons Why Goals Matter Articles she felt like she was just spinning her wheels because she wasn’t making the progress – personally or professionally – that she had hoped she would by now.

She talked to Tom, a person she considered a friend and mentor, and shared her feelings. Tom asked her about her goals.

Joanna paused, feeling a bit tentative. Then she shared some general comments about what she hoped to achieve in her work and how she hoped her work would contribute to her life.

Tom listened carefully, but she could sense he was waiting for more. And he was. Then Tom quietly suggested that Joanna’s goals weren’t clear enough, and he encouraged her to set some more specific goals for the future. That action, he said, would be a way for her to both improve her results and lead to higher personal satisfaction.

Joanna walked away from that conversation resolved to set some goals. She bought a book on goal setting and read it cover to cover. The concepts in the book made sense, and she decided on the weekend she would set goals using the approach the book suggested.

But the weekend came and went, as did the whole next week. Then the next weekend passed, along with the weekend after that – and Joanna still hadn’t set any goals. She rationalized that she was just too busy. She was working too hard, and she didn’t have time to stop and set her goals; besides she already knew what she wanted to accomplish.

Six months later she visited with Tom again. He asked how her goal setting had gone and about the successes he suspected she was having since they last talked. She replied with a mix of sheepishness and defiance that she didn’t have time for goal setting, that she knew what she wanted to achieve, and that it would take too long to follow a goal setting process. She knew she just needed to get to work.

Again Tom listened closely and while he didn’t pass judgment, he did tell Joanna that when she was really ready to make greater progress, goal setting would be the answer. Joanna asked him why goal setting was so important, and he gave her The Seven Reasons Goa

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