A saltbox shed is a unique looking structure that can add trendy looks andfunctionality to your outdoor living area. The unique roof design allows for increased storage on a small footprint because the front of the building isactually two stories and slopes back to one level, hence the distinctive shape of the roof which is short and steeply angled in the front and long andgradually sloping in the back.This style of roof requires some unusual and complicated cuts that will bedifficult to work out on your own. You therefore need to get your hands on agood set of saltbox shed plans in order to get these cuts done accuratelyand competently.


Remember, the number one thing that adds cost to your shedproject is improper measuring and cutting.A detailed set of plans will also save you trips to the supplier because theycome with a complete material list. No two ways around it, this type of shedneeds to be built following a detailed drawing or you might end up with anunsound and ugly structure that will have the neighbours and your wifecomplaining to the proper authorities!Saltbox sheds get their name from New England colonial structures and can addcharacter and charm to your backyard. The elevated storage area allows you tobuild in a smaller space while increasing overall square footage.These sheds are used for storing lawn tractors, snow mobiles or personalwater-craft because you can put double doors in the front while keeping a keensense of architecture. This is a unique design and a challenge to build but iswithin the scope of most DIY enthusiasts as long as you have a good set ofsaltbox shed plans.

By Haadi