The dream of securing a lottery jackpot win brings people back time and again as they think about how their life could be altered and that they might be able to give up their 9-5 working week forever. To many individuals, the thought of choosing those winning lottery numbers sets their brains wondering and no doubt dreaming about faraway places, holiday homes and sports cars.

As the lottery idea has been around for many hundreds of years, so smart individuals have been devising new ways to better their lottery odds and to give themselves a clear advantage when it comes to playing in those weekly lottery games. The idea of a lottery syndicate came forth and has since become quite popular; as lotto players understand that there is indeed strength in numbers and that the chances of winning are improved dramatically.

A regular lottery game may want you to choose six numbers from 1 to 49 meaning that the odds are significantly stacked against you. However, when you team up with other syndicate members your chances of nagaland state lotterydear lottery winning can improve from (for example in the case of the UK lotto) one in 14 million to 1 in 1.9 million. Instead of having to match the six principal balls plus the bonus ball, every entry will automatically match the bonus number and as a result you only need to match five numbers instead of six, and this boosts your odds greatly.

A great deal of lottery players prefer to avoid playing in a syndicate, especially prior to the internet being common place. To these people participation represented a great deal of needless work. For Instance, you would have to find the other syndicate members, check that the individual cash sums were collected and make arrangements for the disbursement of any cash prize wins. In addition, unless you had some kind of scripted agreement between all members, all kinds of quarrels could develop and this could easily lead to a situation of ill feeling.

With the advent of the internet, however, it is now very easy to join a syndicate that is run completely online. Because of this, you won’t even know any of the other members in your syndicate, so there can be no potential for disagreements. Another great advantage is that all the administration is handled on your behalf.

By Haadi