The loan signing agents have plenty of methods of attracting clients and promotion. People usually consider that large organizations are more reliable than just a single person and that is why independent contractors have fewer clients, most of which are permanent. Moreover, loan companies provide insurance from errors and omissions, what is not affordable to single agents. Of course, satisfied customers usually return and recommend the agent, who served them, to their friends. This illustrates the importance of the prestige of the agents. Of course new signing agents have not got their clients base and potential clients do not know them. A signing agent can let know others about his or her services by the following methods: 1) make an own web-site; 2) enter different communities of accomplices; 3) apply for a work in the loan signing company; 4) arrange the advertisement campaign and self-promotion.

The first method is running an own web-site, which contains all the necessary information about its owner (in our case – signing agent), the services offered, prices of the services and contact information. The first point is the information about the signing agent. There must be mentioned personal information (name, surname, gender, education, experience; the most important, significant and successful activities; if a signing agent works for a loan company (companies) or for himself as independent contractor), recommendations of employers and authoritative organizations.

The second point is information about the services, which are offered by the agent. In the most cases owners of such web-sites offer not only signing services, but also services of a notary public – such as notarizing different activities (oaths, testaments, contracts etc). It is important to emphasize the number of clients serviced (of course this information must be valid), if this number is significant, because this number is like a visit card of the signing agent and proves his knowledge and experience. The third point is a price list of the services offered. It is very important, because most web-sites contain this information and in the case when the price list is absent, potential clients probably will search for another signing agent and will not contact you just to get to know the prices. The price list must be as clear as it is only possible and must not confuse potential clients. The fourth point is contact information. It must be accurate and there must be mentioned all possible ways of communication with the agent (phone, mail, cell phone, e-mail, fax, pager, ICQ) because it is unknown which kind of communication a potential client prefer and available. Of course when the web-site is ready and ran successfully it must be promoted over the internet. This task is not as easy as might be seen. It includes registering on different search engines, placing banners on other web-sites, registering on different internet communities, forums or even loan companies.

The second method is entering online communities of the loan signing agents and notary public (there are plenty of them). Such communities have own ratings of each other and ratings of signing agents, which are registered within these communities. Some of them are free, others are chargeable. But as a rule, chargeable communities provide different trainings, advices, forums, chats, tips and of course may attract much more clients rather than free ones. For example, there is a community, called “Signing Registry”, it is chargeable and provides the training course, which implies an exam after its completion. This company also adduces the list of the criteria, which must be met by the signing agents. After the completion of the exam and approval that an agent satisfies all the criteria, this agent becomes a member of this company and thus gains access to the database of potential clients and companies that are interested in good signing agents. Than the agent has to utilize this database and establish the contact with the suitable ones.

By Haadi