The wedding photography industry is competitive. To thrive in this environment, most photographers need to execute an effective marketing plan. With increased traffic going to the web, having a web strategy is essential. This article looks at how listing local wedding venues on a photography website along with some photography related commentary can benefit the photographer, his clients and the wedding venue.

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The photographer benefits by having these listings on the site because it conveys the message that he is an expert in the area, his key search engine rankings will be enhanced and his relationship with vendors can be built.

When a client reads a comment on various wedding locations from a photographer’s perspective, he is able to see the depth of the author’s knowledge. He is able to see that the photographer is not just a startup shooting his first wedding, but is an experience professional with a detailed knowledge of shooting in a number of different locations. A potential client can also get a feel for a photographer’s shooting style and preferences as he reads the critiques. The client should also gain some insight on the photographic benefits of choosing one venue over another.

Additionally, writing these evaluations can help the Orange County photographer’s website improve its page ranking on valuable keywords. When posting a venue commentary it is helpful to the client to see an address. This address will have the city’s name tied to it. This will help a website gain search engine strength on the name of the city.

A photographer can also create contacts and enhance his relationships with the venue managers by posting venue comments on his website. Like the photographer, the venue is in business and is benefited by additional exposure. By contacting the venue and explaining his plans to write the commentary and asking for feedback, a photographer can establish a positive working relationship with the venue managers.


With the advent of digital photography and relatively cheap digital cameras and related software, the photography industry has become increasingly competitive as more people are entering its ranks. Adding helpful content – such as venue listings will help a photographer distinguish himself from the majority of these professionals.

By Haadi