Platform beds are becoming more popular right now. Similar to their standard counterparts, they come in the standard sizes including twin, full, queen and king platform beds. Buying aplatform bed with matching bedroom furniture set will certainly bring a modern look to your room.What are platform beds?As opposed to standard beds which use typical box springs and a mattress, a platform bed frame use wooden or metal slats as the firm base to support only a mattress. As they use slats for the base, this provides firm supports regardless of what kind of mattress it uses which does provide big benefit to the people who experience back problems from sleeping on a sagging mattress.SizesWhen it comes to the sizes of platform beds, twin is the smallest size in the range, which is perfect for sleeping one person or for homes that have small rooms. But if you need more sleeping space, a queen size one is recommended as it is wider and longer than the twin beds. For couples or those who need an extra sleeping space, a king size bed is your best bet but for tall people you may need to consider buying a California size one instead as it is four niches longer but narrower than the king size ones.Popular mattress sizesHere are the standard mattress sizes available in the U.S.- Twin – 39” (W) x 75” (L) – Twin XL – 39” (W) x 80” (L) – Full – 54” (W) x 75” (L)- Queen – 60” (W) x 80” (L)- Standard or Eastern King – 76” (W) x 80” (L)- California King – 72”

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(W) x 84” (L)Special type of platform beds – platform beds with storageFor those who have rooms with limited space or want to save room space, a platform bed with storage is your best choice. It is suitable for homes with rooms that have small space or for those who want to store away unused belongings or off-season clothes to keep the rooms tidy and organized. This type of bed comes with drawers underneath the platform bed frame providing a great space-saving option. The beds can come with one or several drawers providing even extra storage capabilities. If you have more money to spend, it is advisable to go for the bed frame made from hardwood, such as cherry, oak or mahogany as they will last longer than the beds made from softwood. Once you decide to go for this type of platform bed, be prepared to pay a little bit extra as the cost of storage platform beds is normally higher than the standard beds.CostSizes and materials determine the price of a platform bed. Twin size beds cost less than the king size ones, while the hardwood bed costs higher than the softwood because its durability. Among all beds, the metal beds range lower on the price list. In general, the price of a twin size bed ranges anywhere between $200 and $700, while a king-size one can cost $2,000 or more. Final thoughtsPlatform beds come in many style options ranging from oriental Japanese platform beds to classic leather-upholstered platform beds to elegant canopy platform beds. Choose the one that fits your style need, room decor and the budget. Lastly, it is important to note that platform beds are very durable, and when cared for properly they can last a lifetime.

By Haadi