Ice Cream Craze: Natural Hero Versus Cake Shop 3

These two games are brightly colored and if come to think of it the cartoonish style is the best and rather attractive decision for time management games.

It was fascinating to play both games.

The main characters are girls. In Ice Cream Craze: Natural Hero you will meet Anna again and Emily will to keep you company in Cake Shop 3. Each game has its own story line. While Emily is making delicious desserts for clients all around the world and getting on in the cooking business in different countries,Ice Cream Craze: Natural Hero Versus Cake Shop 3 Articles Anna is tackling a difficulty in her home town. She is back to fight against Dr. Bane. He is the villains of the piece in Ice Cream Craze: Natural Hero.

Your activity in these games will, basically, include serving customers, buying new ingredients or equipments, improving your skills or redesigning your restaurant and earning money.

Nefarious Dr. Bane has conquered the market of desserts in the town with his totally chemicals-based produce. Anna is willing to kick him out by making her market share bigger and bigger. This is achievable by making and selling all natural desserts, all natural ice cream.

This is the premise of Ice Cream Craze: Natural Hero and Cake Shop 3, the games that are very similar in many ways, albeit with some interesting twists in each of them.

In Natural Hero you make only ice-cream of different colors and in Cake Shop 3 you start with making delicious desserts and then you’ll be able to serve customers other local delights. As for the process of serving itself the Cake Shop’s variant is more convenient and interesting for me, not because of the diversity and the abundance of stuff.

By Haadi