There are a lot of gold bullion coins being dispersed around the globe today. Investors are mainly attracted to these commodities because they own a large range of value – whether they are changed by the government or exported to foreign nations.

If you have an idea of someone who deals in gold and silver, that will be the best place for you to start. Otherwise, I advise that you start searching for gold dealers in your neighborhood and do comparison shopping.

You can also find out the dealer’s experience in the business. Look out for any bankruptcy history, if they have ever had any lawsuit case and if they are committed to their words.

Another important strategy is to check the price they charge for buying gold. Some dealers will charge a premium fee upfront but will not give you any charge when you sell gold to them.

Gold Mining

A great way of buying gold is through gold mining and shares. This method is rather risky because the quantity of mining cannot be known.

Also, there may be other unforeseen engineering challenges associated with buying one. This can also affect the price as the production cost may rise and cut across the mining profit.

The mines may have all been extracted with zero gold remaining. Even though they are traded in the stock market, they can still disappear in the platform, resulting in a loss of money.

Gold Futures

Other methods of purchasing gold are through gold futures and shares. However, this method is very risky for new investors.


Owning gold in the form of jewelry is great. Although this is a poor gold investment method, it is especially very profitable for wholesale buyers who sell at a retail price.

Its advantage is its ease of purchase. However, it has a high acquisition cost. But its disadvantage is that it has a high acquisition cost.

Advantage of Gold Investment

There are various advantages associated with investing in gold. They are:

Individuals can buy a small quantity of gold at a low economical price- Investing in gold doesn’t mean you have to buy gold in ounces. However, you can also buy gold in grams as gold is about 35 dollars per gram.
Ability to sell and buy gold at any time. It is also not limited to the store of bullion dealers.
The price of buying gold is also lower than that of bullion dealers. Normally, the price of gold ranges between two to three percent of the buying price.

By Haadi