If You Get In Quick You Could Be The One To Fill It!

The following report contains an outline of what I believe could be
a business opportunity in the making.

Google has introduced a new ‘image ads’ facility to their AdWords
advertising program. The image ads feature allows advertisers to
display their banners on the content pages of Google’s publisher
partners, who have opted to display these ads.

If you want to jump onto a trend tidal wave before it starts, it’s
often a good idea to keep your eyes focused on what the big guns
are up to. When the biggest search engine on the web brings out a
new service like this one, you should always do a quick brainstorm
to see what opportunities it might throw up.

One of the top all time business commandments:

2m roller banners
wide roller banner
wide roll up banner

Find a demand; then fill it

So, what new demand could start to surface, as a result of Google
starting their new image ads service?

Try to think like your customer…

Let’s jump inside the head of a Google AdWords advertiser for a
moment, to try and understand what he might soon start demanding.
If we can establish exactly what he ‘wants’, as an entrepreneur, we
can then look at what we can offer him to specifically fill that

Traditionally, AdWords advertisers have only been given 4 lines of
text in a small ad to try and attract the surfer’s attention. It’s
been proving time and again, that if you include the keyword/phrase
that’s being searched for in your ad, it will increase the number
of people that click on your ads (clickthrough rate).

So, savvy AdWords advertisers have been accustomed to

By Haadi