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Put your “to sell” book on ClickBank

The initial cost to open a Vendor ClickBank account is $49.95. Note, this account is only if you want to SELL something through ClickBank. If you are just selling the products of others… your account is free.

Once you set up your ClickBank account, you are not listed in the Marketplace until one of your product is sold, so you may want to go ahead and purchase one yourself, so you can get listed. You receive all your money back minus the ClickBank fee with your next commission check.

This is optional and probably best for later on. As explained earlier, ClickBank handles the transaction of selling digital goods (software, eBooks, etc). People who are interested in becoming affiliates visit ClickBank to look for products they want to promote and sell. So if your product is listed on ClickBank, people will want to sell your item for a commission. ClickBank charges a $49.95 fee to put your item on their site. Your item will then be place in their “Market Place”, available for people to browse and purchase OR they will become your affiliate and sell your item for you.

Advertise the heck out of everything
(Lots of free, but good ways to do this)

By Haadi