India as a developing country shows tremendous raise in many aspects, and it is evident in the emergence of some economically potent cities in India. The factors that determine the growth of a city are standard of living, population, per capita income, job opportunities, recreation facilities, education, infrastructure and safety. The cities in India which provide all these top class facilities are enlisted in this extract.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai is the economic capital of India, contributes 25% of country’s industrial productivity. It has one of the best hospitality industries in India such as Mumbai hotels and educational institutions. Mumbai is the city with highest percentage of GDP. It has a natural deep port, and the nearby cities are Navi Mumbai and Thane. It is the richest state in India as well as one of the richest regions in the world having Asia’s biggest slum, Dharavi.

New Delhi

The National capital of India, New Delhi includes in eight largest metros in the world. According to the growth in industrial and IT industry, other cities in India are more advanced than Delhi; still it contributes 4.94% to the GDP, and ranks second in the list of cities in India. This historic city has plenty of tourist spots to fascinate the travellers who choose Indian Tour. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is the best in the world. Recently, number of crime against women is frequent in the city.

Kolkata, West Bengal

From the period of Indian struggle for independence, Kolkata has been an important city in India. The population of the city rose in an alarming rate after Indian independence, and Kolkata faced many economic troubles. It recovered from crisis under the communist government headed by the chief minister Jhoti Basu. The IT and other industries developed in the city after 2000, and now Kolkata is the third city in India which contribute highest amount of GDP.

Bangalore, Karnataka

The garden city of India, Bangalore is known after its IT industries. The city is a home to Internet Technology and Internet Technology enabled Industries. The annual per capita income of people living in Bangalore is so high. It is one of the green cities in India, and often called as the Silicon Valley of India, for the presence of exquisite IT hubs. Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore is one of the famous parks in South India, and is mostly visited by travellers who get on an India Tour.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

By Haadi