E-commerce has taken the world of business and commerce to new heights. With the development of e-commerce the business communication and transaction process has been highly specialized. In the latter day business activities was a matter of huge concern for the people. Generally business was considered to be tiring activity but e-commerce has literally changed the view of the people nowadays. Integration of e-commerce with websites has redefined business.

E-commerce is the most detectable medium by with information and communication technologies is adding to the economic growth. E-commerce is the mother of the outsourcing business. E-commerce provides one with the facilities to increase the sales and reduction the cost that is optimum use of the resources. Transfer of fund by the means of digital communication is one of the unique features of e-commerce.

Electronic commerce i.e. commerce covers the function of various major markets like – business to business (B-B), business to consumer (B-C), consumer to consumer (C-C), and consumer to https://www.aloeveraproductsshop.eu/

business (C-B). Benefits of e-commerce and be divided into organizations, consumers, and the society. The benefit of e-commerce is as follows: –

Advantages to Organizations

The electronic network of the computer has facilitatedthe business organization to pass on various messages throughout the world penetrate into the new business markets of the growing business; dig up into new splendid business opportunities. E-commerce is a cost effective methods which helps in cutting the cost that is implemented in distributing, processing, creating and getting feedback that is helpful in further expansion of the business. The other facilities provided by e-commerce to the organization are as follows:-

enhanced customers service
improved customers communication
boosting of the operating and the trading flexibility
Current Inventories

Advantages to Consumers

E-commerce is very useful for the consumers also. It helps the consumer for evaluation of the product and product research, thus helps him to making buying decision as well as helps him in buying process. When consumer uses the facilities of e-commerce to buy various goods and services the storage and delivery cost is saved to a huge extent. Previous there was no such facilities by the help of whic

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