Yan Hongbin incident “occurred, the vehicle traveling data recorder rapidly popular market, become a following car navigation and then a rise of automobile electronic products. In the domestic market, the general traveling data recorder multi-sucker form of the lens and the small screen hanging the center of the windshield in the car before driving record on the road, but in fact have in foreign countries, Europe and Japan automotive market expressly provided shall not be installed such traveling data recorder, because of a more substantial block the driver’s driving vision, prone to driving blind, and become a traffic hazard.

Traveling Data Recorder “volume” became the product is the most criticized, but with the thousand circles of nine Di technology latest drive recorder to a comprehensive listing of drive recorder seemed to see a new way out – “covert” installation foreign traveling data recorder in fact already begun “new generation” and “concealed” traveling data recorder installed in foreign countries has caused a boom, thousands of community driving the recorder is “concealed” installation, it can cure not only driving field of view, there are a variety of refreshing advantage.


One, but also you a broad perspective real drive to eradicate hidden dangers

Drive recorder consists of a shooting lens 2.5-inch display portfolio, while hanging in the front windshield, which would make the already wide driving vision is “stretched” due to a large backlog of visual angle, this likely to cause visual blind spots, that the road the driver should always be concerned, have to say is a big security risk, in addition, although suspension display in order to facilitate the driver to playback video and other operations, but insufficient hardness of mounting bracket, suction cups with the aging the emergence of stability is not enough also prone to the equipment off or driver distraction, driving is very dangerous.

Nine Di thousands of community driving recorder hidden install the above-mentioned problems, driving thousands of community Recorder abandoned bulky display, and direct the shooting screen implanted in the car DVD monitor, the perfect realization of the drive recorder Car DVD adhesive products, save a lot of installation space, allows the driver to maintain a broad vision of driving, and eliminate these security risks, thousands of community drive recorder camera part is very lightweight, can be simply fixed to the carriage front end of the inverted After the mirror, do not rely on the suction cups and other tools can fundamentally solve the security problems of equipment hanging.

Second, the liberation of the car’s interface to optimize the car the cable structure

By Haadi