Creative Grocery Store Fixtures: 5 Ways to Use Slatwalls

Fixtures are those display features that you can’t move around. While it’s sometimes nice to be able to change locations, if you own a grocery store, you know that some of the most useful grocery store fixtures are the ones that will always be right where they are. There are some benefits to that, of course; your customers will always know where things are, and you will always know exactly how much space you have and what needs to be done with that space.

But since they’re always going to be the same in some ways, how can you come up with creative uses for grocery store fixtures? One way is to make many of your fixtures slatwalls, those panels with grooves in them used for hanging accessories such as shelves, baskets, and bins.

Here are 5 creative ways to use slatwall as grocery store fixtures.

Toy Displays. Most grocery stores have a small section of toys where parents can go to buy a treat for their kids if they’ve behaved well. If you panel this section entirely in slatwall, then stick hooks near the top and baskets near the bottom, you can hang and display all your inexpensive toys for the delight of children and the convenience of parents.

Spice Packets. While many spices come in bottles, some specialized spices and garnishments come in small packets. A half-panel slatwall with hanging hooks is the perfect grocery store fixture for hanging these spices. If you fill up your whole slatwall panel with these sometimes unusual spices, your customers will know exactly where to go to get whatever they need for their recipes.

Cake Decorating Supplies. Frosting tubes, glitters, candy decorations, and decorating accessories all need to be hung on wide, eye-level slatwalls in order to be seen by customers. How else will they be able to choose exactly the right colors and styles they need? Other decorating items, such as small toys or cake toppers, can go into the clear bins that can also be attached to an eye-level slatwall. You can display these grocery store fixtures at the perfect angle to allow customers to see into the bins and choose what they need.

Envelope Mixes. Almost everybody cooks with an envelope mix at some point, so they need to be easy to find and clearly displayed. A tall slatwall panel allows for plenty of room for display, and you can line up your envelope mixes in small plastic bins. This makes it an easy grocery store fixture for customers to see and for your employees to refill.

By Haadi