Elderly people are usually tied down by physical disabilities caused by illness and depression. Physical disabilities have a high impact on the daily activities of a person. Physically disabled individuals find it difficult to perform even their basic needs. They have to depend on others to carry out their day to day activities. They cannot do all the work that normal people do. Movements within the house, traveling from one place to another and other similar activities are possible only with the help of others.   Various lifts are available in the market to assist these physically disabled people. Among these, ceiling lifts are the best choice for people with a disability. Ceiling lifts are ideal for transferring and lifting disabled people in limited space. Since these needs only a lesser space to operate than floor lifts, they do not occupy any floor space.  A ceiling lift has a wide range of units and accessories for hoisting. A person using a ceiling lift can experience more safety, comfort and mobility. The rail system associated with a ceiling lift can be installed in homes, therapy clinics, hospitals, swimming pools and other locations to help physically disabled people to improve their quality of life.

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The various accessories of a ceiling lift include door transitions to move from one room to another. There are switch tracks to lead the rail in various directions and turntables for the rails to cross each other. There are ceiling brackets for perfect mounting.

There are mainly two types of ceiling lifts – portable and permanent ceiling lifts. For a ceiling lift, positioning is much easier than a floor mounted lift. Floor mounted lifts always have problems with carpets and other floor fittings. A portable ceiling lift helps in easy movement between different track locations. It can be easily and safely operated by a caregiver. Its light weight and portability make it ideal to be used in multi-room settings. Motorized ceiling lift helps in independent transfer.

Ceiling lifts are a boon to physically challenged people and help them enjoy life like normal people by overcoming their physical handicap.

By Haadi