the anatomy of brain of cat is about ninety nine percent similar to human brain. Both cats and human beings have same regions for emotion in their brain. The intelligence of animals depends upon brain weight to body weight ratio and anatomy of their brain. The brain of an adult cat weighs about one percent of its body weight while the brain of an adult human being weighs about two percent of its body weight. The brain weight to body weight ratio in cats is greater in cats as compared to Dogs. The cat has an ample and very advanced cerebral hemisphere, typical of intelligent creatures. Cerebellum is well developed in brain of a cat. Cats are used in scientific research. The biochemistry

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of behaviour, memory and the emotions can be explored by stimulating or destroying certain areas in cat brains. Cats can distinguish complex shapes. Cats can distinguish complex geometrical shapes such as triangle, circle and square. Cats can distinguish between shapes of letters of alphabets of language. Cats can also distinguish between colours. Cats are used in scientific studies related to vision because cats have more nerve cells in their brain for vision as compared to human beings and all other mammals. Cats have also been used in sleep studies. There are same types of sleep stages in cats and human beings having similar wave patterns. Cats dream in deep sleep stage like human beings. Kittens begin dreaming at just two weeks age. Cats have light sleep and dark sleep stages like human beings.

By Haadi