A absolute advantage of the 4S shop: 4S shop is the “front shop” business model as its characteristics, Car dealers selling cars basic money Articles 4S shop for a brand’s models, the configuration of a variety of advanced diagnostic instruments , equipment and tools, in particular, to configure a dedicated computer for brand vehicle inspection testing equipment, advanced maintenance equipment, good at need to read the data decoding failure. 4S shop is also the only car manufacturer recognized the brand’s professional repair shop, 4S shop, vehicle maintenance and maintenance can enjoy more professional service, but can also enjoy the guarantee of the quality of maintenance, but more importantly the owners in a 4S shop to buy a new car can be in a certain shelf life, enjoy the free service.

The relative disadvantage of the 4S shop: 4S stores have high requirements for the store area, general store opened in the suburbs, coupled with the after-sales service is a buyer’s market, and the procedures are cumbersome, maintenance scheduling longer, this will cost the owners a lot of time. Also, because the cost of the 4S store will be more expensive in many parts, working hours Fee. In addition, the personnel structure is incomplete, staff knowledge structure is irrational, are more difficult to grasp of new automotive technologies and the use of advanced diagnostic equipment, a large number of foreign funds into the aftermarket, 4S shop, customers will be a huge loss.

B, fast repair chain stores an absolute advantage: fast repair chain for quick maintenance, taking into account the other services of the shop. Quick repair shop store small and specialized, are generally open in the urban area, has its own distinct characteristics. The advantage of franchising business in the case do not require a lot of money, quickly expanding its business systems, while allowing the franchisee to reduce the risk of investment in the case of the lack of industry experience, the smooth settlement of many of the entrepreneurial process The problem, when beginning a business can successfully mature face started to operate. Fast repair chain stores have a unified purchasing channels, complete accessories store, the biggest advantage is location, chain operation and 24 hours a day, failure to remedy in a timely manner, fast, simple formalities of transfer of vehicle repair time is shorter, saving owners time. The fast repair chain from the headquarters of a unified procurement of materials, store size and area requirements, unlike 4S store so strict, in the charges, the price tag, the cost than the 4S shop to be much lower.

By Haadi