Buying bulk body jewelry from reliable distributors can help businesses obtain great discounts in rates. Since body jewelry today is synonymous with self expression, different varieties can be delivered from jewelry manufacturers and distributors. Until the 20th century, body jewelry was more or less restricted to earrings. However, with augmentation of the pop culture, the popularity of body jewelry also increased. Today, both piercing and non-piercing body jewelry have their loyal band of followers.

Advantages of Buying Bulk Body Jewelry

Buying bulk body jewelry is a lucrative option because:

Body jewelry can be customized with the help of graphic teams of reputable manufacturers. Customers can customize jewelry with logos and symbols, among others. Manufacturers also provide catalogs and high resolution CDs that closely depict the ordered design.

Buying bulk body jewelry for further sale is quite a profitable business, given its popularity among people. When celebrities like Avril Lavigne, Geri Halliwell, Britney Spears and Madonna sport a type of body jewelry, it is bound to become a hit.

Popular Designs in Bulk Body Jewelry

Certain sought-after designs and themes in bulk body jewelry are:

Zodiac signs

Roman numerals

Matching pairs





Gay pride

Materials Used in Bulk Body Jewelry

Traditionally, gold, silver and platinum have been the most common metals in jewelry making. Today, however, a wide range of materials are used in bulk body jewelry making, which includes:





Colored glass

Some Useful Tips While Buying Bulk Body Jewelry
Before you venture to buy bulk body jewelry, keep the following in mind:

To buy jewelry in bulk, one needs a vendor’s license.

Research well before settling for an online wholesaler. Settle for a distributor who gives you the best deal.

Ensure that the bulk body jewelry offered at reduced prices is also of good quality. Hence, always ask for a sample.

Consider other parameters such as shipping and return policies, and product guarantee provided by the wholesaler before ordering. Make informed decisions.

By Haadi