The word boudoir is of French origin and means a woman’s private room, vanity room, or dressing room. Now this can also be referred to as a style of photography, which over recent years has been catching on and is becoming more and more popular for specialty shoots. The basics of this type of photography is the woman is dressed in either scantily clad wear or revealing wear and is posed in private areas like a bedroom, sitting room, or dressing room.
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Now this is a relatively new style of photo shoot, so there are not a lot of really good photographers for boudoir photography in Los Angeles. There are some things that a person woman should consider when going through the process of choosing a boudoir photographer. These things will help make the process of choosing the right boudoir photographer easier.

Find the Right Photographer for This Style of Photography

The first thing that a person should do is make sure that the photographer has a specialty and experience as a boudoir photographer. Not just any photographer can do this type of photography. Usually when they do offer this specialty they will clearly advertise that they do.

Price should be taken into consideration before talking to any boudoir photographer. Since this is a specialty field of photography, it can cost more than just a regular photo shoot session. A boudoir photography in Los Angeles session can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars for the photo shoot to well over $1,000 for the photo shoot. It really is a matter of what a person’s budget is. Of course, the best boudoir photographers usually charge over a $1,000 per photo shoot session.

Set the Scene

Location and props should also be taken into consideration and can also influence the overall costs of a boudoir photo shoot. Some people like to do their boudoir photo shoots in their own home or hotel and others like to do it at a studio with backdrops and props. The key is to choose the options that are the most comfortable as any tension or discomfort will clearly reflect negatively in a boudoir photo shoot.

Finally, before actually committing to hiring any boudoir photographer a woman should definitely meet the photographer in person. They should understand everything that will happen and most importantly should feel very comfortable with the photographer. These are intimate photographs so a woman should make sure that she is absolutely comfortable with the person.

By Haadi