I became a notary public because I wanted something to work around my family. I wanted to be able to pick and choose when I worked, without the fear of never getting another call back. And I wanted guaranteed money–I didn’t want to worry about commissions, home party sales, or inventory.

When I learned mobile notaries could earn a good living signing loan documents, I hit the Internet to find out everything I could on the subject. I joined message boards and asked lots of questions and I went through pages and pages of search engines to find companies that would hire me once I received my license.

Once I felt I had enough information to get started, I ordered my notary handbook from the state and studied for the test. In the state of California, you have to take a formal test before you are allowed to become a notary public, but each state is different. For instance, in Missouri, I was told that all you had to do was take home a test, open your notary book, find the answers, fill out the form and turn the test in. There are other states where all you have to do is fill out a request form and you are in.

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Choosing To Be A Signing Agent

To become just a mobile notary public won’t guarantee you any real money. In fact, some states mandate that you are only allowed to charge 10 cents for each notary act performed, while states like California allow you to charge $10 per notary act. That is why it is important to become a signing agent, and not just a mobile notary public.

As a mobile notary public, you are allowed to charge for the convenience of driving to your clients’ homes or offices provided you tell them the fee up front, but even that fee has a few restrictions. But as a signing agent, you charge companies a flat fee of $50 to drive to their clients, witness their signing of loan documents and complete any notary acts needed.

Your Role

Your role as a signing agent is to witness borrowers sign their mortgages and then notarize certain forms. Basically what happens is this: You receive a page from a signing company, in which you return the page, within five minutes. The company tells you the date and time of the signing and you will say accept or decline the job.

By Haadi