The distinct designs of Islamic art have contributed to its popularity. Their work includes intricate patterns and designs. There is no space for animals and people in their designs.

The Islamic design has directly imposed Islamic religion over the years. Leaves and flowers are a vital part of their designs. The same kind of intricate patterns is used in designing Islamic ivory.

One can easily notice Islamic designs on wooden carvings, stone reliefs, textiles and decorated books.


Ceramics are another important aspect of Islamic art. There was a time when Islamic artists used to create amazing ceramic glazes and styles. A few of the designs were inspired by Chinese porcelain as well. They also used to make beautiful pieces of pottery using ceramic tiles.

These tiles were a major contribution to decorating the walls of religious places. The bright patterns and designs of ceramic tiles enhanced the beauty of the building.


The most practical form of Islamic art, carpets were a significant part of the ancient households. They were used as floor coverings, prayer mats, wall hangings and cushions.

The repeated geometric pattern designs were an essential part o every Arabic household. These designs were quite popular in European countries as well.


How can one forget about intricate carvings when it comes to Islamic design? The arabesque designs and geometric patterns were incorporated in these carvings as well. Wood, ivory, stone or plaster were majorly used for creating beautiful designs.

These wonderfully carved items were used in decorating buildings, mosques, ceilings, doors and wall panels.

By Haadi