Branding strategies are commonly used by anybody looking to strengthen their online presence and this includes bloggers as well! By creating a strong brand awareness you give yourself a much better chance of standing out in the continuously growing global community of the internet! When blogging building brand awareness is vitally important because of the effort a good blogger typically puts into maintaining their platform! Blogs require much effort just to simply keep the content fresh and updated but without a strong online presence there will be little in terms of traffic to appreciate these efforts!

Here are 5 simple and subtle ways any good blogger can ‘incorporate’ their branding efforts into their ongoing duties as the site administrator!

Domain Name

The selection of your domain name needs to be something that is relevant to the image you want to build and/or reinforce! How better to create brand awareness than to have a web address that reflects the image you want! Every time people type in or see this address you are reinforcing the impression you want others to have!

Blog Title

The title you give your platform is yet another way to create an impression while also increasing the online presence of your site! Obviously you want this title to best ‘describe what it is you do or the type of products you may offer! Unlike your domain name you’ll have more of a choice in selecting the title that best suits your purposes!

Bio Page

The about page of your blog should never be overlooked since it is much like a sales page telling people why they should read your content! This page gives you the best opportunity to give a ‘lengthy’ description of what you do or what your objectives are and why!

Content (Of Course)

The ‘meat and potatoes’ of your entire platform can be found in the content you offer visitors! It is here that any good blogger can take the greatest advantage of when trying to create a brand awareness of their site! Each new update is yet another way to reinforce the image you want or need to succeed in what it is you do!

Product Offers

Any products or services you offer must be relevant to the topic of your site which also reflects the image you are building! From a sales standpoint if you are marketing something not related to the theme of your platform or the image you are building you are being ‘counter-productive’ in your efforts! It is important to increase your online presence but it is equally important to be consistent in the way you do this!

The use of various branding strategies is one of the best ways to increase your online presence within a very crowed internet community! Establishing a brand awareness simple serves to help people take better notice of who you are and what you do! When blogging this is especially important since bloggers typically invest a lot of effort in creating their content! Imagine after all that effort NOT having much if any traffic visit your platform! Well the discussion above reviews 5 ways any good blogger can maintain their content creation responsibilities while also building their brand awareness! These simple ‘strategies’ can easily be incorporated into the ongoing duties of what it takes to maintain a blog and for the brand awareness you can receive, these efforts are more than worth it!

By Haadi