Selling property, like a home, land, or a commercial building, sounds great to many. You’ll get some cash in your pocket and maybe make a profit compared to what you paid originally.

But before you list your property, there are some key things you need to know. In order to sell property, you need to prepare it. It needs to be in tip-top shape, well decorated, and clean if you want to have the home sell.

Here are just a few things you need to know before you sell property.

Home Inspection Services
Home inspection services aren’t only for buyers to worry about. Before you put your home or property on the market, you should get a pre-listing inspection.

A pre-listing inspection finds any problems or issues in the home that you can then fix before putting it on the market. If you waited to find out during the buyer’s inspection, then the issues they find could quickly become dealbreakers and ruin the sale.

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You want your home to be in the best condition possible before you list it in order to attract buyers and finalize sales.

You’ll want to look for local services since they’ll know local architecture, connections, and common local problems best. Simply do a Google search and tack on your location at the end. For example, “home inspection Boston” instead of just “home inspection.”

Home Staging
Home staging helps you make your home look a bit more neutral so buyers can visualize themselves in the home. Home staging also “dresses up” your property to look the best that it can.

This could mean taking away family photos or gaudy trinkets and replacing them with plants, updated art, tidying each room, moving around furniture, etc. There are professional home stagers that know exactly what makes a house sell (and what makes a house not sell).

If you can’t afford to hire a professional, there are plenty of online articles to help you out. We recommend this one.

By Haadi