4 D lottery games are most popular in almost all the part of worlds including Malaysia and Singapore. More than 50% people enter the lottery gaming through 4 D and it is one of the easiest ways to enter the complex world of lotteries.

In a 4 D lottery game including in Malaysia and Singapore, you need to decide a minimum bet amount and once you have decided the amount, you need to select the four digits. The games is totally based on the permutations and combinations using the four numbers 0 to 9 and here you have a fair chance to try your luck and win the prizes.

Sports Toto is the famous 4 D lottery operator in Malaysia and if you bet RM1 in the lottery game, you have a chance to win the first prize money of RM2500 to RM3500 and higher you bet, higher is the amount on winning. In addition to first prize, there are many other prizes are also offered. You have a fair chance to win from among the 24 prizes especially if you have opted for 4 D Malaysia (big) and three if you have opted for 4 D Malaysia (small). The draws are totally computerized and fair and each one has equal probability of winning the prize and results are declared every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

4 D lottery games in Singapore are preferred by more than half of the lottery-playing people. 4 D games in Singapore started in late 80s and initially the results were declared on weekends. The betting system of 4 D Singapore was similar to 4 D Malaysia and the player has to bet a fixed amount on the four digits chosen by him or her. Later in the year 2000, 4 D in Singapore was also started on Wednesday and the total 23 prizes are declared.

So, if you want to try your luck, 4 D lottery in either Malaysia or Singapore is the best starting option for you. You not only get a chance to try your luck, if successful you can win large amount. You can start with a nominal amount and can go ahead. The betting procedure is very simple as there are more than thousands outlet and agents all over these two countries, and you can go to anyone near you and can bet and play 4 D Malaysia or Singapore lottery.

By Haadi