Too many service professionals believe and rely on the common adage “50% of success is just showing up.”

In fact, they seem to act that, “If half of my success is just showing up, I don’t really have to do anything and will get by just fine.”

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You may be thinking that’s totally insane! But what else could they be thinking? For, here are the 10 reasons why people distrust, hate, and avoid in-home service professionals like the bubonic plague:

REASON #1: THEY DON’T RETURN PHONE CALLS–well, hey. Maybe that’s even too generous. Half the time you can’t even get someone to answer the phone. You’ll find that only 90% of service business don’t even answer their business phone. Most rely purely on voice mail or answering machines to take your calls. And you’ll be lucky if ANY of those even return your call!

Just a few weeks ago I was in need of a new lawn mowing service. I called EVERY lawn mowing service in the yellow pages. I got an answering machine for every phone number except one. On each answering machine, I left the message that I need weekly lawn service for my home and to call me to set up a time or let me know if they needed to see the place first.

Did I get a call back? NO. Not one of them called me back and it’s been over two weeks.

By Haadi